Your September at Parachute

This month, we have huge updates across the three buckets of Parachute: product, community, and business.

ParJar Staking Pilot Program:

This week we’re bringing on three new projects in the PAR staking program. This brings our total to 8 million staked PAR! While we will be doing a full feature once all 5 projects go live, we are thrilled to announce Constellation, Yazom, BAGS, and Arena Match as our first four staked ParJar pilot partners. This month, we’ll be starting our events to help people discover and get involved our inaugural class of amazing crypto projects.


ParGas is going live in September! After making a massive overhaul to support the feature, the backend is complete and we are wrapping up the UI in preparation to launch this feature for everyone using ParJar. This month, you’ll be getting a slick new way to interact with ParJar + a little surprise to help you play around and see how it works.

The ParJar Treasure Hunt

We’ve partnered with 13 ParJar project partners to launch a multi-community, digital scavenger hunt with over $2,000 in prizes. It’s big, it’s going to take a lot of brain power to win, and its going to be FUN! This month, we’ll be starting the treasure hunt and letting everyone take a swing at the top prize. Go to to learn more!

The Parachute App

We’re wrapping up the UX prototypes and have a simple, beautiful app that is like nothing else. This month, we’ll be doing select user testing to polish the UX and beginning the UI. In September, we’ll be wrapping up the testing. Next stop — starting development of the app.

Applications & Funding

ParJar is run like a startup. We believe in finding great accelerators, investors, and partnerships that can help us bring on new team members and build our products faster. This month we’re taking our traction from ParJar and reaching out to everyone in the industry to get feedback, make connections, and find people who can help us hit our goals.


If you want to dive into August, visit our reddit and catch up with the sweet recaps from Abhijoy!


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