The Parachute Digestive: Mid Feb 2020

This month, we boil down the digestive to focus on our numbers, new features, and a few big things on the the horizon.

The numbers

Total tips — 935,000

Total users — 28,637

Total depsoits — 43,241

Total withdrawals — 74,334

The Features

Next — We’ve partnered with Transak to launch a new ramp for buying and selling cryptocurrency directly from your ParJar. We’re launching to the UK and India markets first (sign up below if you want to help us test there) with plans on adding all of Europe in the next few weeks.

What’s coming up

Next, we’re leveraging the new wave of swapping digital assets to launch a super unique ParJar feature that let’s you interact with the coins you have and the coins you don’t have yet like never before. Sign up below if you want to get invovled.

The third feature we’re actively working on is a no-whitelist version of ParJar that let’s anyone add it to their small groups. The goal is to make ParJar a universal way for people to swap assets with their friends while testing out it’s ability to go beyond people who already use cryptocurrency.

Get involved

— If you live in the UK or India we are looking for beta testers for the new fiat on/off ramp! We’ll be giving out PAR to a select group of testers. SIGN UP HERE

— If you’re interested in trading crypto and want to help us test out a new ParJar SIGN UP HERE. We’ll be giving out PAR to another select group of testers.

If you want to spread ParJar by adding it to your own private groups and want to get some PAR for helping us test out a new feature SIGN UP HERE.

The community for exploring ideas in crypto

The community for exploring ideas in crypto