ParJar is going live with buy/sell beta testing+ huge ParJar numbers during a crazy time.

A month ago we crossed a huge milestone at Parachute — ParJar crossed 1 million tips on Telegram. Since then, the world has shifted. While work teams, friend groups, and staycation figure out life at home, ParJar crossed 300k additional tips in a single month.

Tips: 132k

Users: 31k

Deposits: 54k

Withdrawals: 94k

Another piece of HUGE news, we’re launching a partnership with Transak to create a banking portal for ParJar. This will let everyone move their cash to crypto, and crypto to cash. We’re launching a closed Beta on Monday, April 5th to a small group of UK and India testers.

On Tuesday, we’ll be going live to anyone in UK and India. In the following weeks, we’ll be going live to over 40+ countries with instant debit/credit options.

Holy shit

yep. That’s your Parjar now. Another thing you see is the Swap button. This is our next feature. It’ll let you trade tokens for other tokens instantly. (more on that to come).

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