The Parachute DAO launch

Getting started..

Moving forward…

PAR as a token

Products in the Parachute DAO and under governance

  • While ParJar wallet will be in the Parachute DAO, its current state needs to evolve for DAO proposals around its functionality, implementation, feature sets, and application. The current proposal to implement a modification to on-chain, non custodial functionality is the first step in transitioning the product.
  • Current proposals around PAR farms and PAR product partnerships are subject to governance under the Parachute DAO. These approaches are targeting extended utilization and new revenue for Parachute DAO treasury. The DAO may collectively decide to propose further revenue streams to fund the DAO.
  • New products such as PAR/Token farms to generate NFTs and any future DAO created products fall under the DAO governance along with any proposed utility of PAR in those products after sufficient decentralization through the DAO. While these are exploratory concepts and will only move forward with DAO approval, any product idea that the Parachute DAO explores will also have subsequent funding proposals.
  • While not a product, the PAR governance token may be used by eventually elected committees to fund and operate events, prizes, hire developers, or create stable coin treasuries, as decided by the DAO collective.

Products not in the Parachute DAO

Closing thoughts + Why a DAO?




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The community for exploring ideas in crypto

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