ParJar 2.0 — MoonPay, Discord, and More.

On December 15th, we’ll be going live with ParJar open access across Telegram, letting any public or private chat on Telegram use ParJar Wallet. This will be a major product update, where we take off the training wheels and transition from the Beta to a product that’s ready to scale. To make this happen, we’re rolling out a few huge features.

A sneak peak at our 2021 ParJar Wallet marketing

With support for banking on/off ramps for over 160 countries, Moonpay already providers an AMAZING service for ParJar users. As we rollout open access across Telegram, we’ll be leaning into Moonpay even more.

When open access goes lives, new and existing ParJar users will be required to complete a one-time, no-fee, crypto purchase (of the coin of their choosing) through our Moonpay Portal. (This will provide instant bank-to-crypto access for users in over 160 countries. Additional service providers will be included to service India and all of Latin America.)

Requiring users to complete a one-time crypto purchase does three significant things for ParJar. First, it takes care of basic verification our users through an industry-leading provider. Second, it opens access to a new tier of partners and integrations that require verification. Finally, it eliminates multi-accounts. If we’re going to bring ParJar to the next 10m users while creating a scalable and sustainable product, these are huge steps in the right direction

Over the coming weeks, look out for announcements around a refer a friend program and Parachute covering fees for first-time crypto purchases on ParJar Wallet.

Discord — the next frontier

With Moonpay in place and ParJar Wallet for Telegram able to grow without restrictions, we’ll be pushing the launch of payment services for our next platform, Discord.

Discord offers a great second platform for ParJar Wallet. Our go-to-market strategy will focus on leveraging our existing token network, while offering unique referral opportunities to promote user-referred growth.

In the coming weeks, look for Parachute re-launching its Discord server.

More partners, more countries, more users —

With user verification in place, we’re able to pursue partnerships that we’re perviously beyond our reach. Our primary focus is around bringing on banking integrations for our Latin American users, and partnering with existing payment platforms to offer expanded services to their user base.

We understand that our current solutions don’t fit everyones needs. To grow, we’re exploring LatAm partnerships that can introduce banking integrations, user verification, and cross-border payment integrations to ParJar, while also exposing new users in the region to our products.

Additionally, we’re exploring multiple global payment solutions for partnership opportunities. Our outreach here is focused on creating expanded service offerings via ParJar Wallet for service providers that that traditionally exist in a closed system.

How it rolls out-

The next thing to roll out with be the Moonpay verification process along with the ParJar Wallet open access on Telegram. This is going live on December 15th, 2020. After this, we’ll begin a more manual (in the telegram group as opposed to inside the wallet) referral program to kick things off. Eventually, we’ll include long term referral programs in the ParJar Wallet to accelerate our organic viral growth through 2021.

Additionally, we’re going to be re-launching the Parachute Discord channel on December 15th to build our presence as we build the ParJar discord wallet. Keep your ears open throughout December to get involved and get some PAR!

Through January 2021, we hope to announce partnerships around expanding the regions of users on ParJar, service integrations from partners, and DeFi integrations such as SLP.

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