Announcing the first ParJar pilot class!

When we opened the application to our inaugural ParJar pilot class, we were looking for amazing projects using an emerging technology to change their industries, move peoples minds, and explore big ideas with a community using ParJar. We we’re floored by the quality and range of projects wanting to jump in and get involved.

Today we’re announcing the five projects taking place in ParJar’s first pilot class. Over the year we will be listening to the community on ways to help people discover each project, stay updated with their progress, and get involved in ways that push each project forward with ParJar as a driving force.

The Projects

Arena Match Gold (AMGO)

When we met the AMGO team it was friends-at-first-sight. They build real products that people can use today, and have found an early community of e-gamers looking for ways to bring the e-sports world to the next stage of its evolution.

ParJar was used to distribute AMGO tokens to over 27,000 new ParJar wallets in their community and is an active part of the AMGO ecosystem.

To go full Pokemon with the AMGO team:

Bags Token (BAGS)

It’s a simple problem that everyone in the crypto space can relate to — some projects go bust and we’re stuck with worthless coins and no one to cry with(lol). BAGS is a fun project that lets you trade in your s**t coins for BAGS. The coins go to a burn address and you get BAGS through their smart contract. It’s a great community with good times at the heart and a chance to share lessons learned for the next wave of new projects.

Get rid of some s**t and meet new people on the internet:

Constellation (DAG)

Constellation is one of those dream projects in our space. We can’t remember if they found us or we found them, but boy are we stoked to be a part of their world. With early partnerships with the US AIRFORCE, Constellation is blockchain applied and a great example of the next phase of crypto projects.

Here’s the Constellation CEO interviewing Ray Hatoyama. You can tell a lot about how someone’s thinker works by the way they ask people questions.

To learn more and join their juice:

Data Transaction Token (XD)

Scroll network/XD token has a ton of synergy with Constellation (DAG) in solving big data breakdowns. The idea of improving data management on a massive scale along with control and ownership on the local level is no small undertaking. It’s blockchain implementation and utility in its purest form.

Scroll through the XD world:

Yazom (ZOM)

Yazom is another cool project exploring the healthcare space via blockchain. Having worked in healthcare, I’ve seen firsthand the barriers we face with accountability, access to service, and safe and transparent record sharing. If projects in the crypto space are exploring ways to solve those problems, I am onboard!

What’s NEXT?

Join us this Monday for a ParJar Parena battle Royal. It’s a chance to learn about each project, win some coins from our pilot projects via ParJar, and meet other Parachuters. When you join, pick a house (one of our five pilot projects) and share it in the ParJar room. Prizes for the winning house and top four finishers will be shared via ParJar!


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