Special Purpose Tokens + Liquidity providers = Access to limited edition PAR calls on Hedgey and a radical evolution in how projects reward their liquidity providers.

With the upcoming launch of Hedgey.finance, Parachute will be launching a new frontier into the world of options for decentralized finance with an approach unlike any other. The tools, usability, and scale of Hedgey will be closer to traditional finance than any other DeFi product today. …

Today we’re launching a new frontier for DeFi: Decentralized options trading. It’s Uniswap meets RobinHood.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve taken in the mayhem surrounding GME and RobinHood. Three weeks ago, retail investors were able to impact the world of options trading like never before, mainly through the Robinhood app, and take on overly aggressive short-sellers who bit off more than they could chew. It was the little guy taking on Goliath.

Fast forward three weeks and thousands of pissed off traders were locked out of their positions and banned from trading…

On December 15th, we’ll be going live with ParJar open access across Telegram, letting any public or private chat on Telegram use ParJar Wallet. This will be a major product update, where we take off the training wheels and transition from the Beta to a product that’s ready to scale. To make this happen, we’re rolling out a few huge features.

A sneak peak at our 2021 ParJar Wallet marketing

The next ParJar Wallet feature is going to be nothing short of category defining.

When Jeff Bezos launched Amazon in 1994, it was an online bookstore. He launched a product into a niche market segment that he could capture and leverage for his next product. Then he did it again, and again, and again until we have the Amazon you see today. He’s famous for championing the Day One mentality that’s driven every decision at Amazon since its beginning.

As we kick off ParJar Swaps, we’re inviting Parachuters to join our soon-to-be launching liquidity program on Uniswap! See how it works and what you get!

Parachute is announcing its first liquidity rewards program.

Parachute recently launched its flagship product — Swapping, which allows users to swap tokens directly in ParJar by leveraging an integration with the liquidity of Uniswap. To kick off our newest product, we’re creating a new program to encourage community members who have PAR to add liquidity on our Uniswap V2 pool. In return, we’ll be sending out a TON of PAR to those who participate.

There’s a healthy amount of details, explanations, and…

ParJar is going live with buy/sell beta testing+ huge ParJar numbers during a crazy time.

A month ago we crossed a huge milestone at Parachute — ParJar crossed 1 million tips on Telegram. Since then, the world has shifted. While work teams, friend groups, and staycation figure out life at home, ParJar crossed 300k additional tips in a single month.

Here’s the numbers:

Tips: 132k

Users: 31k

Deposits: 54k

Withdrawals: 94k

Another piece of HUGE news, we’re launching a partnership with Transak to create a banking portal for ParJar. This will let everyone move their cash to crypto, and crypto to cash. …

This month, we boil down the digestive to focus on our numbers, new features, and a few big things on the the horizon.

The numbers

Total tips — 935,000

Total users — 28,637

Total depsoits — 43,241

Total withdrawals — 74,334

The Features

Next — We’ve partnered with Transak to launch a new ramp for buying and selling cryptocurrency directly from your ParJar. We’re launching to the UK and India markets first (sign up below if you want to help us test there) with plans on adding all of Europe in the next few weeks.

What’s coming up

Next, we’re leveraging the new wave of swapping digital…

In this edition we share insights into how we’re growing, what we’re thinking about, and the next big targets for 2020.

Every team needs a Simpson’s holiday card. This year, we pulled together an amazing remote crew in one spectacular team photo. Real-life recreation much needed.

At talks, I always bring up this thought that came to me one day when I was surfing. It’s around the idea of inevitability when you’re in the water and waiting for the next big set to come in. There is a certainty you must have that the wave is coming. There is a patience you must have to not take waves too soon. …

We’re back for our third Parachute Digestive — In this episode we review our first Parachute TownHall, key updates for ParJar, and some awesome insights on the utility of PAR.

Last week we came together for the first Parachute Town Hall. It was a livestream with the Parachute team and anyone else in the community who felt like hopping on. While the chat had an incredible amount of of takeaways (which you can hear in the link below), it was something I found out in prep that still has me buzzing.

In preparation for the day we were pulling together…

We’re back for round 2 of our bi-weekly recap of all things Parachute World. Check out what we’re reading, thinking, and doing at Parachute HQ (Nov. 13 — Nov 27th)

Lindsey Winder

Co-founder at Parachute. We built new tech for old finance. Check. It. out.

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